Woody’s Words- Memoirs, Blogs, Verses, Short Stories and Movie Reviews


I have gathered together a few writings from the last 30 years or so that I thought might be of some interest to people.  Most of these items were originally written for my children and grandchildren and descendants yet unborn.

The Navy memoirs are what I consider some highlights of my nineteen years in Navy uniform.  Saigon Checkpoint covers my year (1964/65) at the American Forces Radio Station in Saigon, which was featured several years later in the Robin Williams movie, “Good Morning, Viet Nam.”

The Thoughts & Etc. segment contains a couple of oddball short stories and a few other items.

Bits & Pieces – A few efforts at verse writing.

The Blogs express some thoughts on various general topics, based on several decades of life experiences.

The Movie Reviews link takes you to some reviews that came about from a list of what I considered “must see” classic movies that I provided to my children some years ago.  My son saw the makings of a website.  I wrote the reviews and he put together the video clips and photos and designed the site.

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